Kings Canyon Adult School

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Kings Canyon Adult School


               Welcome to Kings Canyon Adult School!  You will discover that we offer a number of educational plans from which to choose, opportunities for education and training beyond high school, and a staff who works hard to provide growth and encouragement to their students.




Kings Canyon Adult School offers classes for the adults in our community.  Most classes are held in the evenings, Monday through Thursday.  A few classes are offered in the morning and afternoon.  Classes are offered in Reedley, Orange Cove and Dunlap.  The adult program offers high school diploma classes, English as a Second Language, Adult Basic Education, and Career Technical Education classes classes to meet community interests and needs.  Adult Independent Study is also available for those adults seeking their high school diploma. 


For more specific information concerning the schools above, refer to the table of contents to find the appropriate pages or topics.  Do not hesitate to call each site with specific questions.

KCAS- 305-7085




Educational Philosophy


               Kings Canyon Educational Options utilizes a student-centered educational philosophy that emphasizes the uniqueness and potential of each individual student, capitalizes on an excellent and caring staff, offers a diverse listing of classes, provides a number of diploma options, and encourages the pursuit of higher education and training after the high school diploma. 







Welcome to

Kings Canyon Adult School



Mission Statement

In the belief that every person can learn and that learning is a lifelong process, the mission of Kings Canyon Adult School is to provide quality lifelong educational opportunities for adults and youth living in a changing and complex society.  Our goal is that every student will be literate and able to function as an informed and effective citizen in our democratic society.  Within our capabilities, adult school will provide programs that will enable students to experience a richer social, civic, cultural and vocational life.  To accomplish this, the adult school staff has developed a comprehensive and flexible program that enables students to reach their personal and professional goals. 


Why do people attend adult school classes?

  • To complete a high school diploma. Come to our office and have your transcripts and records evaluated. 
  • To take Adult Basic Education classes in reading, writing, math, government, history and citizenship for completion of an 8th grade Certificate
  • To take English as a Second Language classes designed for a non/English speaking student to learn speaking, reading, writing and math skills
  • To take Career Technical Education classes for students who need job skills for new and emerging occupation.


High school diploma requirements

        Subject                               Units

Algebra                                          10

Fine Arts or Foreign Language      10

Computer Literacy                          5

Electives                                        65

English                                          40

U.S. Government/Economics         10

General Science                            20

Mathematics                                 10

U.S. History                                  10

World Cultures                               10

2 Residencies                                10

TOTAL                                    190


High school credits previously earned and work experience can be applied to the 190 total credits.  Students must attend Kings Canyon Adult School for a minimum of 10 of the 190 credits as part of the graduation requirement.  Students must attain satisfactory passing grades and not have more than two absences to receive credit in a class. All diploma applications must be submitted to our office no later than the first Thursday of May.


Who can register in adult school?

All adults 18 years of age and over that are not high school students may register for classes regardless of residence.      


How and when to register?

Registration will begin in August at the Adult School Office on the Reedley High School campus. Fall registration begins in August.  Spring registration begins in January.  Office hours are Monday-Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM  – 7:45 PM.  Fridays from 8:30 -12:00 PM. For more information about registration times and procedures, please contact the adult school office at 305-7085.     


What is the cost?

There is no tuition cost or registration fee to enroll in adult school.  


Career Technical Education (CTE) courses are offered through Valley ROP. There is a varying cost for each course offered.


Is there a graduation ceremony?

Kings Canyon Adult School will hold graduation ceremonies in the Reedley High School Stadium.  This ceremony is to honor our graduating students as they walk across the stage wearing their cap and gown. They have succeeded in achieving their goal to earn a diploma.  Many hours of hard work will finally be over and new doors will open for these graduates.  All the Adult School staff is happy to have been a part in helping the graduates reach their goals.  If you would like to be a part of a future graduating class, please call 305-7085. 


Can graduates apply for a scholarship to attend a college or vocational school?

YES!  The Alternative Education staff awards more than 40 scholarships each year to students who apply.  Call 305-7085 for further information. 


Uniform Complaint Procedures/Sexual Harassment Policy

A copy of the Uniform Complaint Procedures/sexual harassment policy and regulations is available for viewing in the Adult School office.


Non-Discrimination Policy Discipline Procedures

The Kings Canyon Unified School District is committed to providing equal opportunities and equal access for all students regardless of age, sex, race, color, religious creed, ancestry, national origin, handicap, disadvantage, political affiliation or beliefs in all educational programs and activities that it conducts and for employees and applicants for employment.  No person, including students and employees, shall be subjected to any form of discrimination or sexual harassment. 


Discipline Procedures

The Kings Canyon Adult School maintains a strict behavior policy.  As part of an adult program, students are expected to act in an adult manner.  Failure to meet this guideline may lead to immediate removal from the school/program.



Classes are held throughout the Reedley, Orange Cove, and Dunlap communities. ESL and Career Technical Education classes are usually held in the evenings.